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Clarity. Security. Legacy.


We have a passion for helping our clients to achieve their ambitions. By thoughtfully engaging and carefully listening, we create a tailored strategy that incorporates all areas of your wealth, then provide ongoing management and oversight.

We understand the complexities associated with managing considerable wealth for individuals and multi- generational families. Juggling numerous priorities and goals, with different risk characteristics and timeframes requires a co-ordinated strategy. One that avoids conflicting advice and advice gaps often experienced through dealing with multiple advisors.

MANAGING WEALTH with purpose

Our process begins with gaining thorough understanding of clients goals and financial priorities. We then help to create a strategy designed to optimise wealth and identify the areas of specialist advice required.

Below you will find examples of the core areas of focus required by different families:

The key focus areas above necessitate bringing together a team of expert advisers suited to a family’s specific requirements. Whilst our financial life planning team will always sit at the core of each families advice needs, accountants, lawyers, insurance experts, private banking, money managers, business advisors and coaches will be required to fulfil the family’s advice requirements whether as a one off or an ongoing service.

We build advice hubs made up of advisors and service providers from different firms and organisations that work together as a team. Each advice hub is unique to each client family and is formed dependent on their needs and requirements over time.

Our Family Office Directors work closely with each family’s Financial Life Planning team and other Professional advisors to identify the scope and range of advice required, ensure any advice gaps are closed and that any areas of conflicting advice, should they arise, are resolved.

Through our tried and trusted process we provide a level of service and expertise that historically was only available to the wealthiest families.

Family Office Services

Our family office services are tailored to the individual needs of each family. Underpinning our service is a detailed process and structure, designed to deliver advice and counsel seamlessly and at the appropriate time. We start by getting to know our clients. Armed with a deep understanding of their needs, circumstances and challenges we create an integrated plan to coordinate all aspects of family wealth.

Expert Team Approach

Do you need a Family Office?

A family office service is not for everyone. Apart from an entry barrier in terms of wealth, clients need to be prepared to spend time engaging in the planning process. In our experience for those who do, the benefits become obvious very quickly. The decision to work with a family office is a personal one, especially given the long-term nature of the relationship. Our questionnaire should help.

Family Office Questionnaire